drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Lullaby 2, Right Before My Very Eyes

ambug666 has a list for those who want to help with suggestions for putting all of the shows for Lullaby 2 into the same larp, what to merge, how to merge it, what to cut, and so on. I missed out on this for Lullaby 1, as I was bogged down and cleverly set my account up so that I wouldn't get email.

I'm having a blast. We're all throwing out lots of ideas, many silly, and some of those silly enough that we agree that they'll work. And, I've tossed out some good ideas that ambug666 liked, which makes me feel all warm and smug inside.

Currently, I'm howling in pain and laughter over what I think are just joking suggestions people made that no one will seriously agree to. Right? Right, guys? Guys?
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