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Last night, mneme and I went to a performance of Ellen Kushner's The Klezmer Nutcracker, based on / adapted from her book The Golden Dreydl. Lots of fun, and does wicked things with the music. It's a one hour show in a very small, but comfortable, theater.

After, we went to Big Nick's. mnemex wasn't sure he was hungry, but he managed to eat half of the rice pudding (very light, with cinnamon, raisins, and whipped cream), the garlic soup, most of his milkshake, half of the yummy sweet potato mash with mushrooms and walnuts, and at least half of the mushroom burger I ordered.

I'm starting Pattern Recognition, which isn't enthralling me as yet, and the rpg Witch Hunter, having just enough perception to spot one clever change to history (the Black Plague killing off 3 times as many men as women) and the obvious implication (women can fill non-traditional roles) before the authors explained it, and to catch a clever reference to Rosie the Riveter, thanks not only to the reference itself, but to the accompanying artwork.
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