drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

GAFilk in Progress

filkerdave is attending the convention virtually, via skype. Brenda Sutton joked about wanting his membership fee.

mneme said that filkerdave should pay virtually, holding up the money to the screen, making me giggle at the riff on the old joke. But, as it turned out, filkerdave had actually paid for his membership and for a banquet ticket.

Well, since he paid, someone joked that he should get a slot in the two by tens. This is where each person with a slot can sing for up to ten minutes or up to two songs, whichever is shorter.

We got to sleep way too late, but we made Emma Bull's concert. She's collecting songs about serial killers and found filk, which prompted mneme to point her at Cat for "She Is Gone" and me to ask what constitutes "not filk". I then went into low energy mode, dozing through many of the two by tens.

I was awake for filkerdave's performance, though. We'd all been uncertain how it would go, given that the skype connection had been good enough for him to hear us, but not for us to hear him. It turned out that something was plugged into the wrong hole. Once this was known, it was easily corrected. The resulting performance was a little choppy because of how the sound of the guitar came through, but still worth hearing.

The banquet food was about the same as last year -- decent chicken, pasta, more pasta, vegetable medley, and decent desserts, with water and iced tea. The dance floor stayed put this time. And the band, Play It With Moxie, was even better than last year. And I learned to take my book. I'd decided to leave it in the room, and put it on top of my banquet ticket, necessitating a trip back up, fortunately via stairs, as the elevators were slow and packed.

After dinner, Barry and Sally Childs-Helton had their concert. This was followed by the Interfilk Auction, where I joined the wench crew, as did Emma, who took to it so naturally it was a little scary. We're currently settling in one of the filk rooms.

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