drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

GAFilk Winding Down

We wandered between filkrooms last night, and eventually, they all closed down, so I think we won. We made osewalrus's concert, where he was assisted by the lovely beckyfeld, who should sing more often.

Until today, the rooms were all very warm and dry. Today, the hotel figured out what problem was afflicting the air conditioning for the function space. So, today, it's been very cold. After osewalrus's concert, I went up for a jacket. Then, I went up for a sweatshirt and hat. Currently, we have all our coats with us, as we've gone out for dinner and returned. mneme is in his trenchcoat. I'm in sweatshirt and jacket. And I like things on the cool side.

Still, it's been a good convention. Con Com has officially taken its badges off.
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