drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

GAFilk Endgame

mneme and I had dinner with bercilakslady, deborah_c, Eyal, and dvtune at the local Italian place. The "tiramisu" was not tiramisu, but was quite good as a dessert, and the pasta was fine.

The dead dog filk was already going when we got back, and both mnemex and I got more singing done than during the rest of the con. We also danced to a few songs, and there was a nice range of musical instruments. The circle ended early, probably because it began early.

We got up in just about enough time to do Waffle House, and rode to the airport with Crystal Paul and Steve Brinich. We had vaguish plans to try to meet up after going through security checkpoint, but we were on different company's planes. That meant mnemex and I were dropped off last, and we weren't exactly fast getting to, let alone through, security, especially as the automatic kiosk had some problem printing out our tickets. The airport staff had no such problem, fortunately. But, I'd guess Crystal and Steve got through significantly ahead of us, and we'd told them not to wait too long. We waited about ten minutes, just in case they were somehow behind us, but I'm hoping they weren't.

The plane was bigger than the one we flew out on, with larger overheads, so mnemex's harp, Terpischore, fit nicely. And, the plane wasn't full, so load time was short. We landed about half an hour early, then lost that time to waiting for a train from the airport to Penn Station. Our best guess is that a train hit someone, as we were told that the delay was due to "a fatality".

We still arrived in plenty of time to eat at Tracks, and I had leftovers the next day. Tracks is one of NYC's better kept secrets, a restaurant in Penn Station that has a raw bar, burgers, including a portabello burger, pork ribs whose meat falls off the bone, and a New England clam chowder that can be served in a sourdough bread ball.

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