drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Ah, computers. Ah, the Internet.

My laptop has been very odd about the concept of "Stand by, and don't go into hibernation mode." mneme took a look at it and said, "Oh, you are using Home Office/Desktop settings. That's not what you want."

"That's the only option it gives," I said.

He looked at the various icons on my taskbar, and found one labeled "Super Performance".

"What's this?" he asked.

"It means my computer's plugged in," I said.

"Let's click on it," he said.

And, lo, there was a window offering many different settings to set, from super performance to high performance to computer-running-on battery performance. Why in this obscure place and not in the control panel where I had previously been trained to look? I have no idea.

And lo, the settings were set correctly, and we went to sleep. And, when I woke up and tried to take my computer out of Stand By mode, I hit the function key, and it seemed to wake up. I either brushed the touch pad or hit another key, and the computer turned itself off.

I turned it back on, and it booted up and informed me that, due to the improper shutdown, it wanted to check the disc for errors. I let it. And, it's working fine, but still hasn't figured out how to do an overnight Stand By, despite our instructions.

As for the Internet, I'm not sure if this is the computer or the style sheet of our larp wiki. But, if I start typing the url, and I click on the option for the page I actually want to go to, it seems to confuse the wiki. This may be because it's password protected.

Oh, the password box comes up regardless, but if I'm entering from the sub-page, the wiki displays pages very weirdly, sidebars covering up main page text. At that point, the way to fix it is not to close and restart the browser, or even to close and restart the computer. It's to clear the cache, to close and restart the browser (possibly an unnecessary step), and to make sure to go to the main page, not to one of the sub-pages.
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