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Current Reading

I'm sort of bipping from book to book right now. I did read "Palimpsest" in Paper Cities yesterday, before going to the KGB Bar to hear catvalente read from the novel of the same name that she wrote after she wrote the short story. I love her description of the subject matter as "a sexually transmitted city".

I'm working my way through Flora Segunda, a little more slowly than I'd like. I've read a fair bit of The Book of Ebon Bindings, an rpg supplement for Tekumel / Empire of the Petal Throne, in an attempt to figure out the final layer of a pbem plot arc. Nothing's quite clicking yet, but this is a layer I don't have to worry about for some time. And, anyway, I think I know how I want to twist it, and it's different than my vague idea. I'm theoretically reading the rpg Mouse Guard. I just finished a marathon reading of Darths & Droids, which was delightful. I can see where I've taken some of the gming advice, where I can apply some, where I really can't (on account of some issues that the gm here doesn't have to deal with), and where I really shouldn't (on account of I think the gm's mistaken, e.g., the take on this version of Darth Maul, where I'm not at all surprised the PC killed him and I don't think he was particularly well rounded). I have much of the anthology Paper Cities left to read, but I don't know how much to my taste it is.

My mental idea of Urban Fantasy is Emma Bull's War for the Oaks and much of Charles de Lint's work, sort of a fuzzy set's locus, ala Brian Attebury's Strategies of Fantasy. The current locus seems to me to be the Anita Blake books (which I don't care for, having read the first three) and the Jim Dresden books (I've read 2-6, and I got annoyed with #6. I may or may not read the rest some day). Paper Cities uses neither locus. It seems, from the three stories I've read in it, to push more towards slipstream and prose poetry. I have decidedly mixed feelings about this. But, so it goes.

I'm looking forward to snatching up the novel Palimpsest when it's out.

I'm not yet reading I Remember the Future by Michael Burnstein because I couldn't find it at Borders -- although I have now found it in the store's computer, which is a good change from not finding it there -- and Larry Smith didn't have copies. I'm hoping to get it at Boskone and then get it autographed. It's more fun to hunt it down in person than to order it online, and it's satisfying to give the money to the author or to the dealers at the convention. In the meantime, I won't run out of reading material.
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