drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Computer Update

I talked to a nice man in Asus's tech support, and he said to send in the laptop. mneme happened to have a laptop box which he'd saved after sending his own laptop to its own manufacturer and had it returned with a fixed fan. The box worked for my laptop too. So, it's now traveling to Asus, to make the pilgrimage so many other laptops have made before it.

I've pulled battery and hard drive, as well as the dvd drive. I also did what I hope was a full backup of the C drive. That is, I told the computer to back up the C drive to the external hard drive. It said that not everything would get backed up, and indeed, I see that the back up is about 20 gigs smaller than the amount of space used on the computer hard drive. I have no idea what wasn't backed up or why, but I believe that my data files were copied over, and I backed them up to cards and flash drives as well. I also backed up my applications data and the programs file folder to cards and flash drives.
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