drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Boskone on Friday

I haven't made any panels yet. mneme and I did get to hang out with agrumer, adrian_turtle, redbird, and cattitude, doing dinner with the last two. Then, mnemex did some gaming, while I snarfed us some chocolates and cake, and sang happy birthday to Jane Yolen. Currently, Sonic Explorers is playing, and we are dancing and looking at the art show.

Things have been rearranged, but there's still one big space for art show, con suite, and dealers' room. The gaming area is also part of this, making it a touch more challenging to get mnemx to the dancing area. But, we managed.

Then, there was the second round of food. Cheese, cakes, crackers, fruit. Wow.

After that, we dropped stuff at the room, hooking up with bugsybanana. Then, she went off to find agrumer, while we went to the Reno party and presupported. I hadn't realized Seattle folded, but this, mnemex explained, was the downside to switching from 3-year to 2-year bidding cycles.

We discussed the finer points of space and events at a worldcon. mnemex noted that concoms, particularly at worldcons, sometimes fall into the habit of thinking of fandom as many separate groups -- gamers, filkers, costumers, folks who attend panels, and so on -- with no significant overlap in membership.

So, the gaming area might be put way out of the way, on the assumption that gamers ignore the rest of the convention. This becomes self-reinforcing, for only gamers who don't mind missing the rest of the con trek out there. And once making the trek, they aren't likely to stay for just an hour.

At Denvention, I made the evening filking. I did not make a single daytime concert. The concerts were in a hotel far enough from the convention center that I could to do either panels or concerts. I went for the panels, which, after all, were near the dealers' room and the art show.

mnemex and I smoffed about polling folks to see what sort of overlap between the various fannish interests existed.

Then, we got down to the filk, dropping by the now empty registration area, with a few freebie books left. But we each found one we wanted. mnemex had been curious about Elizabeth Gilligan's Magic's Silken Snare. I've been curious about Irene Radford's Merlin's Descendants series, and I've not found any of these books in bookstores. So, I was happy to snatch up the fourth, Guardians of the Promise. I'm curious about the fifth, which I gather has fencing in it. As each book covers a different period, I figure reading them out of order shouldn't hurt things.

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