drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Boskone on Sunday

I enjoyed the late night filking, though having my ear stuffed meant I heard it less well, and I seemed to have exactly the right position in relation to orawnzva to hear his guitar, but not his voice.

At 10 am, I made "How Not to Edit Yourself", which was good, having good panelists and a very good moderator who not only kept things on track, but who also stopped to summarize the main points the panelists were making. This was mabfan who, as promised, sold me a copy of his book, the short story collection I Remember the Future. I bought it because of the one story in it I'd already read, years ago, "Teleabsense".

By 1 pm, I had packed and checked the luggage. I went to James Macdonald's discussion on First Aid for Fen, which included handouts and hands-on playing with bandages and the like. This ended at 2, but he could easily have kept on for hours.

Then, I did last minute shopping, picking up the audio book version of Bruce Coville's The Monsters of Morley Manor. While mneme played a game, I helped with a bit of dealers' room tear down, mostly handing books to good packers and occasionally answering questions from last minute shoppers. Somewhere in there, I played a game of Qwirkle. This is a lot easier to pick up on than Race for the Galaxy, but it's not especially friendly to the color blind.

mnemex, bugsybanana, and I went to the dead dog filk, where Sarah asked us for S. J. Tucker's "The Kingdom of the Mice", aka the song that started the chain of events culminating in catvalente getting the Mythopoeic Award for the two volumes of The Orphan's Tales.

orawnzva recited mrgoodwraith's "A Pail of Air", based on an sf story of the same name, whose author no one recalled. I pulled out my phone and soon determined that Fritz Leiber wrote the story, and that Jim Baen had made it freely available on line. All hail the power of google in one's pants!

agrumer joined us, and he, bugsybanana, mnemex, and I trekked out to a Vietnamese place in Chinatown, after which my mood improved. One three hour dramamine induced nap on the bus to NYC improved it more. Cons are good, but lack of sleep, hunger, and clogged ears definitely lead to grumpiness in me.
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