drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Laptop Home

mneme brought back Terry. Jessica, the computer I'd been using in the interim, seemed a bit miffed at being the stunt computer, but we assured her we love her.

It took me a bit to find Terry's hard drive, as I hadn't remembered how small it was, so looked where I'd put it, but was, at first, convinced it wasn't there. A second "where the heck else would it be" look fixed that.

mnemex booted up the computer and said that Asus had fixed the firmware on its end, and the technicians probably wanted the hard drive to confirm that hard drive and update were compatible. He thinks they are, and noted that the fan turned on. It blows cool air now, not hot air. And, the touch pad, while on the warm side, is a whole lot cooler, even after the computer's been up and running for some hours.

Still having the icky cold, but was able to sit without hat and jacket for some hours. I've put the jacket back on now, but this is partly because the heat cycles off in the evening. The rib area under the breast is still tender, but feels less like I've taken a light beating there.

My nose is back to clogged, and I'd like to do stuff that unclogs it without turning my throat drier than bone. We're doing tea now, and talking about setting up the humidifier.
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