drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,


Having fought off the Nasty Cold, mneme and I went to the launch party for Catherynne Valente's latest novel, Palimpsest.

On our part, this involved oddly perfect timing, but then, we were taking trains, after all. And, one of the two trailers for the book (I think you can find them both here) taught us how important trains are if one wishes to get to Palimpsest.

On their part, the evening involved a whole lot of artists, including s00j and passionandsoul, last minute scrambling, including an emergency venue change and overnighting of supplies. The excerpts catvalente read and the Palimpsest-inspired songs that s00j sang played off each other perfectly.

It also involved me inventing the honey and cinnamon bagel during intermission. And, afterwards, I discovered that my post-cold stomach totally craved chicken livers. mneme cooked them perfectly.

Also, anyone not already familiar with the wonderful Orphan's Tales (In the Night Garden and In the Cities of Coin and Spice) should read those Right Now. Very different feel from Palimpsest (Orphan's Tales could be considered as YA, Palimpsest not so much), but same wonderfully lyrical prose that just begs to be read aloud.
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