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RPG Activity

ebartley, jlighton, mneme, and I decided to try a Star Wars game, probably using something like OTE for rules.

The important thing about any system we use is that we have to be able to play the game in loud restaurants and cafes, and while walking down the street. This means that die rolling should be limited to stuff that can fit inside those bubbles you get with trinkets inside. Remove trinket and insert 6 8mm d6s of varying colors -- 1 of color A, 2 of color B, and 3 of color C -- for OTE. Or, use 3 differently colored d6s for Feng Shui / Nexus. jlighton made a Polaris die bubble, with one larger d6, and an Amber die bubble. One of the reasons the Candlewick Manor game hasn't started is that it uses the One Roll Engine, which means we need a lot of d10s and a lot of space to roll them in and keep them out while we figure out what happened.

For the background, we decided that we'd pick up after the first three (chronologically) movies, with a few changes to what happened. I'm not recalling all of the details, but Mace is still around, though not necessarily a good guy, the Gungans either don't exist or went back home and got forgotten by everyone, and there are no such things as Mitochlorians. ebartley's creating an engineer. jlighton's probably doing a not-quite-fully-trained jedi type. I'm still debating ideas, but folks just don't like the idea of a traveling mitochlorian salesman. Can't say I blame them.

Meanwhile, on the way back from a Civ Foo, mnemex and I were invited into a friend's Dresden Files game. The game's not out yet, but he was in a playtest, I think, and is itching to keep playing. I've been wanting to play since I first learned about the game. agrumer and Nunzio-who-has-an-lj-but-I-don't-remember-what-it-is are also in the game. It uses the FATE system, with several modifications appropriate to the genre (urban fantasy with wizards and vampires and the like). Of course, no one has the Thaumaturgy rules. In fact, I'm not sure we've got any of the magic rules, so Dave's going to wing it. He's made a wiki for the game, and we're busy working on character background. There's also a list of cool NYC locations we decided to use, most of which are real.

I'm slowly starting to absorb the important principle of FATE games: It's all about Aspects. Aspects are two-edged things about one's character that can be used by anyone, either to help or to hurt the character. The economy of the game, Fate Points, is tied into clever use of Aspects. I'm not sure how clever I'm being, but at this point, I'm focusing on getting the second half of my character's background such that it doesn't duplicate what I've already established.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to run the Strange School PBEM, and it's mnemex's turn in the Bottle PBEM. I just finished Night Horrors for Changeling, and am trying to figure out how to use some of these critters. Every one of them has a story behind them. One of these days, I do want to run a Changeling: The Lost campaign, something finite and focused on the players' choices at character generation.

I also want to do something with Unhallowed Metropolis, and I really, really hope to see Unhallowed Necropolis this year. And, I want to find time to read some of the backlog of Call of Cthulhu scenarios I have. I'm hoping that Miskatonic River Press stays around and continues to release new products. And, I'm hoping to see Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity sometime this year.

And, on the urban fantasy front, I want to see 1st Quest, but I think that's more likely to be next year than this.
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