drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Gaming, Fantasies, and Beautiful NYC

So, Dave's starting a Dresden Files game, set in NYC. Our wish for the magic rules was granted, so I started looking them over. I kind of got caught up in the rules about thresholds, sort of. Well, actually, I got caught up drooling over an apartment I am not likely to ever have, which is probably just as well.

That is, I had decided that my character, a mob boss with connections to the Winter Court, lived in the Apthorp. This is a gorgeous apartment building on Broadway at 79th Street.

mneme and I first saw the inside of one of the apartments when visiting friends we'd first met at Origins. Practically the first words out of my mouth after we crossed the threshold were, "Oh my god. Who did you have to kill to get this?" This was not the most diplomatic thing to say, but, fortunately, our hosts were understanding New Yorkers. What floored me was the amount of S-P-A-C-E.

So, when creating a rich mob boss, I decided that this was where he'd live. And, looking over the magic rules, I decided to see if I could check something about the Apthorp, and that led me to the building's website, which has floor maps of some of the apartments. There was a modest 3.5-room one. And a 6-room one. And a few 7-room ones. Sigh.

And then, there was an 11-room one. Oh lordy, lordy.

It really is just as well I'll never get my paws on that one. The undiplomatic thought in my head: "Well, of course he's a mob boss with Unseelie connections. How else would he get that place?"
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