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Medical Update

Last year, in June, I had a couple of trips to the emergency room for what, it was concluded, was probably a kidney stone. Since then, I've had occasional aches in the same area, a couple of flare ups that died down. Over the last month or two, it seemed to be getting worse, with it sometimes feeling like my waist was in a vise, hurting excruciatingly when I bent at the waist or when I sat down. As before, the pain started on the right side, but I also had pain on the other side, and all around the waist area at various times, and higher and lower on the sides and thigh / femur area.

I've since gotten a uterine ultrasound, which ruled out ovarian cancer. Yay!

My CT scan was clean of kidney stones -- one left renal 1.2 mm cyst, for which the urologist says we do nothing except monitor it. We check on it next year. One Intrauterine device. No kidney stones.

Taking a deep breath, I asked about the appendix. In the emergency room last year, I had a CT scan with dye and barium which, I'd been told, wouldn't pick up kidney stones, but would pick up stuff like urinary infections and appendix issues. But, this CT scan had no dye, contrast, or barium. Nevertheless, the urologist says it's not the appendix, which makes sense given the way the pain is. I'll still ask my GP on Monday about this.

But, as of last Monday, there were no kidney stones. Nada. Nil. Zip. Zilch.

I suppose it is possible that I had one that exited before the CT scan, but mneme says that he doesn't put much stock in the existence of the Amazing Ninja Kidney Stone.

This makes me wonder if what I had last year was indeed a kidney stone at all. We never caught a stone. The CT scan people in the emergency room thought I might have a 1 - 2 cm stone (though they couldn't be sure because of the dyes and contrast). The ultrasound people thought I had a much larger one. The urologist was quite sceptical and the CT scan was clean.

Now, granted, I was, I think, in more pain then than I am now. We're talking lying on the floor, reminding myself not to claw my way out of the moving car before we reached the emergency room, and vomiting up a smidgeon of apple that had been just about all I'd eaten. Not fun, and I shall be just as happy not to have a repeat of that.

But, the folks mentioning their kidney stones sounded like they'd been in far worse pain than that. Maybe I'm wrong, and I did have a kidney stone last year. But, I'm not sure.

Meanwhile, this year, what do I have? It could be compressed nerves or muscles, and the urologist recommends I see a chiropractor. He recorded a memo to himself to this effect, planning to send a letter about it to my GP, who works in the same office.

The GYN did pick up an odd odor and prescribed two types of antibiotics, which I'm almost done with, and which may have been contributing to pains over the last week or so -- but, over the last week or so, I've also been wondering if the aches have been subsiding, and I am not sure.

The odor, the GYN said, came from bacteria, and he thinks the excessive bacteria may have been generated by the presence of the intrauterine device. Last year, he asked if I'd had any problems with it, as some of his patients had reported issues with that model. As far as I know, I haven't. But, I'm aware of, say, where my leg is, where the muscles are, and so on, and I'm not aware of what ovariers or uterus are feeling. I know the GYN checked my ovaries out because he says so, but it's not like I could pinpoint the sensation of having the ultrasound touch them.

I'm on simvastatin and have been for, I think, 2 years, maybe 3. It could be a reaction to that.

The term "sciatica" also came up as a possibility.
I'm not loving this, although I'm glad the things ruled out have been ruled out.

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