drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Health Update

We went for check ups on Monday, and I talked with my doctor about the pain I've been getting. Possibilities for the cause I hypothesized included:

1. My statin, simvastatin, causing odd pain after two years of use
2. A compressed nerve or sciatica
3. My intrauterine device
4. Amazing ninja kidney stones that leave the body when CT scans are scheduled. I think this somewhat unlikely. I'm not saying what I had last June wasn't a kidney stone -- it might have been, despite no empirical proof. But, I don't think I've had one since.

The doctor said he was "not adverse" to taking me off the statin for three weeks, saying that if it is the statin, the pain should go away in a week or so. So, we're trying that.

I asked about vaccinations and booster shots. He gave me a tetanus booster for the decade, and said that the most important thing he's been telling people about the swine flu is not the washing hands thing (though that really is important), but the "stay home from work when you have a cold or a cough", and that a lot of people are highly resistant to that advice.

This would have surprised me a decade ago, but I've been there. The average company gives people 5 sick days and 10 vacation days. It is agonizing to decide to stay home when sick, especially if those sick days are gone, even though one should know better.

"Nothing's more important than your health." "Good health is worth any price." Well, many, many people cannot afford to stay home. Many people cannot afford good health, and the folks urging them to take better care of themselves do not -- and probably cannot and should not -- foot the bill. It's a problem.

In any case, my doctor called a couple of days after the check up, which I knew meant he'd found something he didn't like. If he hadn't, he'd have mailed me the results. Sure enough, my cholesterol is 220, which is high. Last year, it was good.

I said that I'd let my diet go to heck this year. I've put on weight, as has mneme. His cholesterol is better, but it's the high end of acceptable.

So, we're still keeping me off the statin for three weeks. Then, if I'm not clearly better, I want to go back on it, at the same dose, for 3 to 6 months, trying to go back to the better diet I'd had, where I go easier on the red meat and fatty foods. Then, we test again, and if things aren't better, we probably talk about increasing the dose of the statin. This is, of course, assuming the statin didn't cause the pains.

I'm thinking it likely didn't. I am still getting pain. It isn't constant. It isn't always excruciating. But, I am still getting it, and this is not pleasant.

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