drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Medical Update

Yesterday, I had the first part of the dental work piling up over the last several years. This is probably about two thirds of it. Once the novocaine kicked well and truly in, the biggest problem was that I kept dozing, which meant that my mouth started to close, and the dentist and her assistant had to call "Open your mouth" several times.

Once the novocaine wore off, a shot of good acquavit was delightfully effective, working nicely until I'd downed enough pudding, hummus, and jello, and even a bit of herring to do ibuprofen (having empirically tested that I can do these two medicines together with no ill effects, but that ibuprofen on an empty stomach hurts). Currently, the lingering pain isn't even a 1 on the pain scale, and the worst problem I had was a bit of dry mouth. Two shots of acquavit will do that.

mneme said that I looked like a Picasso painting when the novocaine was in full swing.
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