drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Moments in Culture

We had lots of fun listening to s00j and dancing.

Outside of the concert, there were a couple of amusing quotes.

Me (having borrowed a laptop to put in an SD card in a reader so I could open a spreadsheet and figure out which of s00j's CDs we did and did not have): So, I just spent 10 minutes doing something I used to do in two seconds by pulling a list from my back pocket.

sodyera: Welcome to the twenty-first century.

Still, it has its advantages. sodyera has some pictures from the concert on her blog.

Later, folks were talking about Arisia.

Me: There's a drumming jam.

s00j: Well, as long as I'm not scheduled against it --

orawnzva: Hi, I'm Ben Newman. I'm in charge of the filk track.

Absolutely flawless timing. Arisia 2010 is looking good -- the challenge, traditionally, has been getting a hotel room.
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