drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Reality, part three

I helped a bit with set up in the Looney Labs room, then went to my first game, an intro to CthulhuTech.

The bad news: It wasn't actually a demo, just an explanation of the world and system. There are games scheduled, but these are new events, conflicting with stuff I signed up for and intend to make.

The good news: Damnation View is out in hard copy. Only 6 will be for sale each day, but they'll hit the Strat sooner or later.

jlighton has arrived and claimed his key.

Meanwhile, I've determined that Hero Quest 2nd won't be at Origins, but should hit the Strat soon after. I don't think Targets of Opportunity for Delta Green is out, and I can't tell if hard copy for Unhallowed Necropolis yet exists -- or if the companies releasing these products are in the Dealers' Room. Pagan Publishing doesn't seem to be, according to the map, and IPR doesn't seem to have a booth either. I'm not sure if any of the Indie companies are selling their stuff directly at the con.

There's no map of the stuff at the Hyatt in the program book, but I know my way around well enough. La Krema doesn't have its shakes this time, on account of the construction. (I'm not sure of the connection here, but I'll make do on peanut butter pies and buckeye ice cream balls.)

Chowing down on sweets, then will hang out till next game, which will hopefully be a game.

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