drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Reality, part five

I crawled out to grab clothes, food, full backpack, and empty suitcase, and got to "The Sword of Joan of Arc", which was a blast. I then proceeded to fill the suitcase at the auction store and dealers' room. I got daftnewt the monograph he wanted, and passed on womzilla's hug to Zev at Z-Man. He said he'd gotten one from mneme, but was happy to collect another.

I picked up princeofcairo's latest books, several monographs, Lucha Libre Hero, and one of the 6 copies of Damnation View for CthulhuTech available today, getting a quick system overview from the author and a teaser for future products.

Then, I grabbed some stuff from the food court, dropped the loot off in my room, and headed back to the convention center, where I expect to be in 2 back to back CoC games.
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