drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Reality, part six

I made the two Call of Cthulhu games. The first was silly pulp, fun and over the top, and at least 2, maybe 4, PCs wound up dead by the end.

The second was not for the easily offended, though arguably it was less tasteless than the first. The other CoC game in that slot folded into ours, and we had 9 players. Trollboy, aka the GM, was up and down so many times to talk to one of us privately that we were wondering why he was bothering to sit down, in his seat behind the table, against the wall. It was a good echo spot, though. We were all down at least 20% SAN by the end, and "TPK" doesn't begin to cover it.

The GM maintained that he hates everyone and runs these games to vent, and, bless us all, we seem to like them. I am not sure what that says about us, but yes, that was just awesome. And, it wasn't no-win, by any means.

After, I headed toward the Looney Labs room, looking for mneme, who was heading my way, and we went back to our hotel, where I got a few hours of sleep. I gather that the Drury, which is not our hotel, supplies free drinks at cocktail hour and free breakfast, and is already booked for next year's Origins. Oh my.

I'm currently awaiting 10 am game. After that, my next event is an 8 pm larp, so I am hoping to fit in a nap and a shower. I don't know if I want to try to get to North Market.
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