drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Reality, part ten

In the morning, I was afraid "The Festival" would be cancelled, as it had been run the previous evening, in place of "The Last Days of Central State", and one of its players was in the same session. But, he playing in another session that something else was swapped out for. The reason for all this was a GM getting sick, I think. I am told "Central State" is good, and I believe it, but I really wanted to play in "The Festival", which had been cancelled last year, so I was glad it went off.

Given the nature of the PCs, when some suggested normal Investigator activities, the rest looked at them and said, "Why?" I am starting to really enjoy scenarios where I have the freedom to be stupid in character -- or even believably ignorant.

"Buried Secrets" was fun and not at all what I expected. Note to self: When the GM says, "No, read your character sheet", assume he knows what he's talking about. I had a neuron misfire there.

"A Night to Remember" was a CoC adventure set on board the Titanic. Lots of historical detail, carefully researched -- but not forced onto us in endless infodumps. Instead, there were 2 coffee table books about the Titanic, and a set of blessedly easy to read deck plans, with the GM totally on top of things so that, rather than have us search the deck plans, she said, "Okay, you are here, going to here, which means it will be X o'clock when you get there." She took surprisingly few liberties in the scenario.
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