drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Decent Day

I did have lots of aching today, which is something I want to keep track of to see if there's a pattern. I still need to talk to my GP about that. I need to remember that even though this is not constant, I still need to be proactive and all that jazz. Fr'ex, some weeks back, I walked a few blocks, in the heat, with backpack and food bags, and, while I was exhausted and sweaty at the end, I was not in pain. This is very good, but if there's something that can be done to not be in pain with this, I should find out what it is.

That aside, I was fairly productive. I returned books to the library. I couldn't settle the fine, as the computers were being weird. When I looked up things on line, I saw that I owed $1.50, which sounds correct. The computer told the guy behind the desk first that I owed half that, and then that I owed nothing. He suggested I deal with the fine, or lack of same, some other day, like, say, when it wasn't the first day after a 3 day holiday for the library, with everyone showing up 15 minutes before closing to return / renew / check out stuff.

I did my laundry. Yay, laundry! Best footrest ever for long typing stints!

I did food shopping for DexCon.

I treated myself to sushi, plum wine, and delicious desserts at Nori, with mneme showing up to help out.

Okay, I also knocked over a lamp, breaking the metal tube that holds the things that hold the bulbs. It's still working, and mnemex taped it up, after boggling.

"I knock stuff over all the time, and it doesn't break!" he said.

Time to look into new lamps. I'm not sure if I want the typical halogen with dimmer switch or if I want bulbs on a stick. The halogen has distinct advantages.

I've finished reading Ken Hite's Adventures Into Darkness, which is indeed very geeky. It's an alternate world's rpg -- a world where H. P. Lovecraft wrote comics.

So, I found this passage on page 9:

Ace Buckley also helped the magician-scientist Roger Bacon defeat Professor Fenton in a memorable tale in Adventures Into Darkness #63 that some fans believe was actually scripted by Alfred Bester.

Okay, what does it say about me that I instantly thought, "Bester? Sounds more like James Blish."
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