drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

That Which Was Not At Origins

Out or Almost Out, Sort Of?

Dark Aeons (available via Amazon and Lulu)

HeroQuest 2nd edition (hitting stores in July?): I called the Strategist, and the folks there had no idea what I was talking about. After all, HeroQuest (1st ed) wasn't being sold anymore. womzilla assured me that this ignorance was not the store's fault. It seems that the various companies that have sold HeroQuest / HeroWars / pre-Mongoose RuneQuest aren't always good about letting the local stores know what's new. So, I walked into the Strat to let the staff know. They figure that, eventually, the company will tell them about the new edition, and then they'll get some.

Unhallowed Necropolis -- I went to the company's 'blog and asked where I could get this one. A copy is theoretically shambling towards me even as I type this.

Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity (already paid for, actually, just not out yet)

Lovecraftian Tales from the Table DVD: Chaosium now carries this, so I figure that Adventure Retail is likely to.

Not Yet Done

1st Quest
Dresden Files RPG
Misery Bubblegum -- well, I hope to play at least one session of this at DexCon
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