drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Yes, head wounds do bleed a lot

I'm calming down after a bunch of stuff fell off a shelf and hit me. Far as we can tell, I'm not concussed, and the worst lasting damage is to the B key of my laptop. The worst part for me was not the initial pain, but was the combination of hot, cold, nausea, and panic when the adrenaline wore off. Once that passed, it was a lot better.

The head's stopped bleeding, and I have no bumps or dents. I'm not woozy. My vision's good. mneme and jlighton are here and will notice if I stop tracking. There's a minor "ow" feeling, but, to put this in perspective, my mouth hurt a lot worse after the dental work.

I'm not sure about how long one is supposed to stay conscious Just in Case. If it's 12 hours, that means I should try to stay up until 8 am. This isn't emergency room level, but I'm thinking that I should probably mention this to my GP on Monday. I know he's incommunicado on weekends, except for emergencies (and I got chewed out by him after assuming an ER trip which didn't turn up anything specific and resulted in advice to see my GP for follow up merited interrupting him over the weekend). I'm not utterly confident he'll think this worth coming in for, but it seems the Thing One Does In Case Of Head Wounds.
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