drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Worldcon: Wednesday Arrival: Set Phone to Don't Gouge Me!

The fannish express left Penn Station at 8:15 am. The seats were amazingly comfortable, and could, separately or simultaneously, recline or bring up an extension for the feet. The car we were in was full of fen, and, I suspect, was much of the train.

As we neared Yonkers, womzilla called to find out what car we were in. He, nellorat, and supergee buzzed the train. That is, they walked down the platform with a sign saying that Yonkers said hello to Worldcon-bound fen. I laughed my head off. Well, metaphorically.

We got an estimate and plenty of warning for when we reached the border, allowing for last minute bathroom use. At the border, all passengers are required to stay in their seats while passports are checked. I zonked out, waking for long enough to hand passport and documentation to the people checking and murmur, "I'm with him. Pleasure trip. Convention, sf convention." I was back asleep as soon as I filed my passport back in its place.

The train arrived in Montreal an hour behind of schedule, and bugsybanana led the way to our hotel. We passed more fen en route and saw even more in the hotel. Then, we headed out to a Farthing party, where the food and company were both magnificent.

I'm in the lobby, using the free wireless there. My phone is set to no data roaming, as mneme suspects I was told the wrong thing by T-Mobile's reps, and that I am getting charged for text and IM, as I get these via Internet. I'll turn it back on tomorrow afternoon so that I can try to coordinate with daftnewt, but, for the most part, it will stay off.

Tomorrow, I plan to register and start trying to figure out which panels to make, and when on earth I can hope to fit meals and shopping in.

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