drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

At Dead Beaver Filk


Arrival, private party in restaurant with yummy pistachio-encrusted salmon.
Blogging in lobby.
Game of Dominion.


Up at 8 am.
Finding convention center.
Walking to see convention center restaurants.
mneme and I see Dealers's room and bemoan our lack of skill at reading French and the lack of translations of Yves Meynard's work into English.
2 PM: Panel: 2009: The Year in Novels
3:30 PM: Panel: Re-Reading, daftnewt arrives.
5 pm: Panel: John M. Ford. Very crowded room, to no one's surprise. mnemex noted that Sean Punch would have been a fine addition to the panel.
Meeting daftnewt's friends and fellow gamers, deciding to skip dinner per se for next panel.
7 PM: Panel: When is Genocide Justified? (Short answer: Perhaps in the case of smallpox.) I shift to next notebook.
8 PM: Panel: Wonder Women: Feminism and Comics. Only one panelist there, but good panel. The other panelists held panel in Earth 1. I learn about the Bechdel test.
9 PM: Charles Stross and Paul Krugman
Party crawling with daftnewt and mnemex, followed by filking.


Up at 8 am.
9 am: Panel: Why Write Across Genres?
10:30: I make part of the WSFS Business meeting, showing up just in time to find out when to show up on Saturday, i.e., at the beginning of the meeting.
c. 11 am Hanging out with daftnewt till it's time for him to head back.
Note to self: He wants words / tune to </i>Ex Libris</i>, having heard mnemex doing a particularly good performance of it in circle on Thursday.
Other note to self: List the best of the Cthulhu monographs I have from Chaosium for recommendations.
1 PM: Regency Dance. I stay for the first hour.
Hanging out with cool woman named Barbara Gordon.
5 PM: Folklore, Science Fiction and Fantasy
6:30 PM: Quick dinner with womzilla, so he could make panel -- I'd like to know how the panel was.
9 PM: Going to the room where papersky was listed as hosting a book discussion on Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel. One other person showed up, and we had a nice 15-20 minute discussion, which touched on the book, then checked papersky's previous panel, which had since dispersed.
9:30 PM: mnemex and I headed to Making Light party, where we were instructed in the use of the magic fruit pills. As we were experiencing wondrous strangeness, Delta staff started shutting down parties. After negotiations, helped move party down to basement.
c. midnight: Filking.


Up at 8 AM.
9 AM: Readings: Catherynne Valente, Greer Gilman.
10 AM WSFS Business Meeting. mnemex and I stayed till recess. Apart from wanting to be 5 places at once, it was actually a lot of fun.
11:30 AM: Tail end of Panel: What Are the French Books We Should Be Reading? I photographed someone's notes. It is hard to hear French names when the only language I speak at all fluently is English.
12:30 PM: Panel: Inspiration, Homage or Appropriation
2 PM: Head end of Panel: Writing the Other and Other Assumptions
c. 3 PM: Concert Heather Dale.
Note to self: Transcribe and send notes on concert to her.
Dinner with mnemex in a Chinese restaurant not in the guidebook. Quite good.
8 PM: Panel: Driven by Character, Starting with a Character
c. 10 PM: Filking. Dorsai filks, Sequitur chaos. Held Dawn Patrol.

Edit: I asked papersky about the book discussion, and she explained that she'd told concom months ago that the time she was scheduled for didn't work, and asked that the event be rescheduled or canceled. On seeing that neither had been done when she arrived at the con, she told the appropriate people that she was canceling it, and requested that a sign explaining this be put in the correct place. This didn't happen. Ah well.


6:30 AM: Breakfast buffet at the Delta.
8 AM: Sleep
11:30 AM: Alarm first goes off.
12:30 PM: mnemex heads out.
1:30 PM: I think the housekeeper keeps knocking and ask her to come back in an hour. She agrees, and I realize the "knocking" is her cart bumping into the door.
2:30 PM: I finally get up. I have now missed How Not to Be a Jerk Online, but I think agrumer paper blogged it. I have also missed Fairy Tales in the Comics, but I know womzilla went to this one. I have also missed the Docent Art Show with Teresa Nielsen Hayden and Ctein and the Sassafras concert, as well as the Charles Brown tribute.
3:30 PM: Panel: Rainbow Futures.
5 PM: Panel: How Much History Does a Fantasy Writer Need to Know?
6:30 PM: mnemex, agrumer, bugsybanana, Anakin, and I go to a delightful Montreal greasy spoon, where everyone but me tries poutine. I don't want cheese on my fries, so I just get gravy on them.
We discover 70% dark chocolate Kits Kats.
Hanging out and chatting in the lobby of the convention center.
9 PM: Panel: Legitimizing the Woo.
10 PM: Presentation: The Willow Maiden
Party crawling and filking.


Up at 9 AM.
10 AM: Panel: The Inspiration of Failed Art.
11 AM: Non-Fiction for SF Fans
12 PM: Interview: Writers With A Unique Voice: Greer Gilman, Catherynne Valente
1:30 PM: Night Shade books happily announces that every book on its table has been sold.
2 PM: Panel: Fans Aren't Slans: Pathologies of Fannish Culture
4:30 PM: mnemex, agrumer, bugsybanana, Zarf, and I do dinner at La Maison V.I.P.
7 PM: 2 hour nap.
Party crawling, filking.

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