drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Draining the Swamp. or Visiting Parents' Home

I dropped by my parents' place yesterday, with a vague idea of straightening out some things, getting papers in one place -- you probably get the idea.

When I visited my father, the place was no doubt just as cluttered, but it didn't seem as big a problem when I wasn't trying to get to any space in particular or even begin sorting through papers. I'm going to need help on this one. I cannot do it myself.

There are piles of stuff everywhere, where "stuff" includes a lot of miscellaneous techie equipment and, um, stuff. Walking out the doorway between kitchen and dining room is possible, but not exactly easy.

I'd like to organize the place. Even if a huge miracle happens, and my father makes a full recovery, which I'm really not expecting, I'd like to do this. He will be welcome to tell me that I shouldn't have moved things should he become capable of doing so.

But, I can't do this one on my own. I stared and stared and realized I had no idea of where to even begin organizing things. I don't know if this is a case where I try to see if anyone's got time to help me with this one or if I should be looking for professional anti-clutterers or what. I took pictures, but I'm not sure if that gives an accurate sense of the situation.

This is not the worst mess I have ever seen. But, I can't bear in mind the principles of draining the swamp with all of these alligators around.
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