drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

I Want My Pocket Internet Back!

I've got a Sidekick phone from Danger-now-a-subsidiary-of-Microsoft (which it wasn't when I first got a Sidekick) for T-Mobile. There has been a nationwide problem since last week. I currently do have:

Text Message
Instant Message


I do not have

My contacts
Web surfing
All of my email
Email Out ability
The online interface

T-Mobile has given me 200 free minutes (normally not worth my while, but at this time, potentially useful if I need to make a lot of long calls out of local area), and has given all Sidekick customers a month of free data (which translates to, I think, a $20 discount off the next bill). But, they still don't know why this happened or when it will be resolved.

And, while they are unfailingly polite, this is getting really, really old. Also, tip to the higher ups, as I doubt the phone staff would have done this without instructions: Suggesting customers pay more money to T-Mobile to upgrade their phone plans when we are currently not getting what we are paying for does not go over well.
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