drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Sidekick Update

So, my contacts and bookmarks are almost certainly lost. As I understand it, this is due to Microsoft / Danger not having a back up of user data in a safe place.

Mind, when I spoke with what T-Mobile considers a tech support person -- someone who has no ability to connect anyone to Microsoft / Danger (you know, the folks who control the vertical and horizontal) and who has no up to date information -- I was told that it was the back up that went down, and that what one is supposed to do is click the menu button and copy information to the SIM card. I'm not sure what the heck that means.

I've been told by friends that T-Mobile's tech support folks don't actually know whereof they speak, and that this is NOT how the SIM card in the Sidekick actually works. What was lost was user data. There was no back up. Users are being told not to let batteries run down or get removed or to reset things because, if they have contacts, that is the ONLY place these contacts are. There is no back up.

Unfortunately, earlier in the week, on the advice of T-Mobile's tech support, I removed the battery as instructed.

At this point, 200 free phone minutes and $20 off next bill -- doesn't cut it.

It isn't the outage that gets me, although that is really bad in itself. It is the lack of a back up that gets. me.

So, folks who think it would be a good idea if I have your contact info -- email me with it?
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