drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Sidekick Update

As near as I understand it, the situation is this:

Sidekick user made a contract with T-Mobile. But, the Sidekick itself is handled by Danger. Danger was acquired by Microsoft, and from the time it was acquired, I noticed a drop in quality of tech support service.

Microsoft, as I understand it, started downsizing Danger, which is to say that Microsoft laid off the people who knew how things worked.

Microsoft then attempted to do a firmware upgrade during the second day of a six day back up. This meant that the old back up was blown away, as, apparently, old back ups are not saved at all, and the new back up never completed.

This meant that when the sever went down, Microsoft / Danger said to T-Mobile, "Oops. We lost your Sidekick customers' data."

Danger, meanwhile, from the beginning, locked its Sidekick down more than many companies lock their products down. A minor consequence of this is that my cell phone can't play "Hope Eyrie" any more. A major consequence is that Sidekick users could not back up their date from the web interface to their computers.

But, say the T-Mobile techs, you can back it up to your SIM card.

Well, sort of. If you don't have a lot of data. How much is a lot? Glad you asked -- 200 phone contacts is A Lot.

Currently, if T-Mobile stands by what it says, I have 200 extra phone minutes and $20 off my next bill. If they agree that losing my contacts and bookmarks constitutes genuine, no-foolin' data loss, they will give me a $100 credit towards all things T-Mobile, including bills.

My phone, text, email, and IM capabilities are working now. My web is not accessible via the Sdiekick. It has been 12 days since this thing started. A second level customer service lady, who is really good at her job -- which is to say, she made me feel very much sympathized with despite offering me nothing new -- says that I am one of the lucky ones.

The scary thing is, it's true. Sure, I lost my contacts and bookmarks. But, between about half a dozen folks doing their best to get me contact information, I've got 80-90% back on the phone via importing v-cards from email, and I can recreate the rest from various spreadsheets and backed up information. But, I am not well pleased with T-Mobile, though I do sympathize with their customer service staff, even the ones who refuse to give me a simple yes to "Okay, so you're saying you have no idea when I'll get web access back?"

And I am furious with Microsoft. This is something I doubt Microsoft cares about.
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