drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Sidekick Update

At the moment, I have functionality for everything I use -- web, email, instant message, phone, texting. I probably have functionality for what I don't use.

I don't have my original contacts or bookmarks, but Microsoft is thinking that maybe user data isn't utterly lost, and is apologetic, but very pleased to say the data may be restored Real Soon.

I do not think Microsoft has anything to be pleased about. Relieved, maybe.

I don't know what this does to T-Mobile's earlier statement that users who could not retrieve their date would get a $100 credit with T-Mobile, good for paying bills, buying a new phone, whatever. Given a choice between the credit and my data, I'd go for the credit, but I'm in the fortunate position of having most of what I lost sent to me by friends.

But, I'm thinking it shouldn't be a choice, really. T-Mobile might do well to give all Sidekick users that $100 credit. I know the big screw up was Microsoft's, but right now, T-Mobile is paying the price. Microsoft won't notice even a class action suit, I'm a-thinking.

Like many Sidekick users, I'm thinking of switching to a phone that has as much of the form factor I like as possible, that does the same things the Sidekick does, that's as close to the relatively low monthly price of the Sidekick as possible -- and that won't lose my data and go down for two weeks. A hundred dollar credit ups the odds of my new phone using T-Mobile's service.

Peek, in a piece of brilliant marketing, is offering Sidekick users a free Peek with a photo proving one is a Sidekick owner, offer good through this Friday. The Peek isn't up to serving my needs -- but it is a wonderful gesture, and one that ensures I'm going to remember Peek favorably.
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