drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Sidekick Update

There are instructions online about how Sidekick users can restore their contacts, bookmarks, and other lost data. Alas, I still cannot do this.

Last night, I called T-Mobile to check my best guess for why, to wit: Every other Sidekick user who'd lost data was trying to do exactly the same thing. The woman I spoke to said that I was the first person she'd spoken with who understood the problem.

I decided to double check on the 200 bonus minutes I was promised back before T-Mobile realized just how bad the situation was. Good news: Yes, I have them. Bad news: These last 3 months, not the year I'd been told. The woman I spoke to saw the note about it being for a year on the account, but had no way to make it so, as the minutes expire after 90 days and cannot be renewed. Mediume news: I find I do not care enough to make a stink. If I don't use these minutes in those 90 days, I'm likely not to need them.

That said, yes, T-Mobile should stand by what its people say, within reason. I specifically asked how long the minutes were good for when I was offered them, and if whoever told me a year and annotated my record thus had no authority or power to deliver, I really should not have been told a year.

I'm watching to see what T-Mobile's going to do when the dust settles a little more. I like the Sidekick -- but I need a phone that will function, and that includes the folks who are supposed to do the back up doing it. (Hello, Microsoft Danger!) I would prefer to stay with T-Mobile -- but I really need to know that the company's understanding of its customers' inconvenience extends to real compensation and to trust that if I am told I am being given something, I am really being given all of what is promised.
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