drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

General Update

I'm busy recovering from a cold, which was likely a bit of the flu. I think I had a fever and that it broke last night or this morning.

Still job hunting.

T-Mobile has allowed as how they've probably well and truly lost my data, and I should be getting a $100 debit card by 14 days after October 29. I can live with this. I've got 90-95% of my contact info back via folks sending me what they have, and I can reconstruct most of the rest. I didn't have photos or a to do list. I had fairly few bookmarks.

I'm now dealing with, or will be dealing with, four lawyers:

1. The man who did our Wills/POAs/Living Wills/Health Proxies, as we need to update them.
2. An Estates Lawyer for my father's estate.
3. The lawyers my father used, as they've got the information that the estates lawyer needs.
4. The lawyer that the nursing home is working with to get my brother and I guardianship for our mother.

None of this is fast. It involves multiple phone calls and such, and a fair amount of travel.

I missed... um, at least 3 Halloween parties in favor of something taking definite precedence, lordess and Steve's wedding. Lovely site, lovely bride, handsome groom.

Right now, am contemplating whether to medicate, and if so, with what, and what food to eat, and generally enjoying not feeling like my skin's stretched too tightly over my face.
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