drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

T-Mobile Update

At about 3 am today (Saturday), my original contacts came back (so I now have 2 entries for almost everything), although my bookmarks have not.

I do not know whether the manager who is due to call me back tomorrow will say, "Yes, as I promised, you will get the $100 debit card" or "No, you have your contacts back, so we do not owe you anything, never mind that you were told twice that you'd get this, never mind that it took a month from when you should have been able to download it, never mind that you've been dealing with phone issues for nearly two months."

If I do get the $100 debit card, I will actually consider having my next phone be a T-Mobile phone.

If I do not get it, my next phone will emphatically not be a T-Mobile phone.

It really is that simple.
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