drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Saw Doctor

Okay, we saw the doctor and were told:

There is a general absence of badness. This indicates yes, we did have a flu.
There is mucus build up, more in Josh and in me. The coughing is post nasal drip plus irritant induced, and cough medicine is permissible if desired.
We are not contagious. Yay!
That said, remaining home an extra day or two until the fever breaks is a good idea so as not to strain the system.
Yes, a lot of people believe they have the flu when they don't, but this was the genuine thing, so far as the evidence suggests.
What I had back at the beginning of November was quite possibly H1N1.
There are over a quarter of a million hospital admissions for flu each year (I forget whether the doctor was talking citywide or nationwide), and 50,000 fatalities.
A lot of folks think just plain "the flu" is no big deal, thinking "stomach flu", which is what I grew up thinking the flu was.
If it knocks you out with fever and aches, it is probably a flu, not a cold.
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