drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Now, That's How to Encourage Charity

One challenge to getting folks to give to charity is that it takes effort. Another, especially in lean times, is that folks need to take care of themselves as well.

So, I'm still between jobs. And, I'm dealing with my mother's situation and my father's estate, and I really do not need extra work.

Enter DriveThru RPG. For a $20 donation to Doctors Without Borders Haiti Earthquake Response, I can a) donate $20, b) gget a huge bundle of pdfs, and c) get matching funds for that $20.

Hm. Worthy cause? Check. Organization I trust enough? Doctors Without Borders? Check.

Can I afford it? Well, one of the games I had planned to buy is in that bundle of pdfs. The pdf for that game alone is $20. I'd planned to buy it, so obviously I can afford it. I can now buy it, and, at no extra cost, donate. Check.

Effort required? Log in, click, enter payment method. No letter to write. No trying to figure out a complicated website. Check.

This is brilliant. All it takes for the numbers to work is one single item that a gamer would pay $20 for. And, in a package that large, the odds are really good that a gamer will find at least one such item.

As of yesterday, the website said that about $33,000 had been donated. Today, the figure is $61,215.00.

Mind, the actual download will be delayed a couple of days due to the huge response. But, hey, I can wait. And I don't need to find shelf space for pdfs.

It feels odd to be thanked for generosity when this is all so easy. But, that's part of the point. Make it this easy, and folks will donate.

In case anyone is curious, the item that alone made it worth my while is The Kerberos Club.
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