drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Sound of Drums Write Up, Part Four

Rushlight spoke first to Redcrest, who wanted to talk to her before she worked with Anders. Redcrest was not pleased to learn that Rushlight had already taken Anders to meet the seventh god. Rushlight explained that this was the crawling stage, but Redcrest was not mollified. I think she said something about how Anders just wasn't ready to hunt an elk, but even if she did, Redcrest had other reasons to be concerned.

Stonefleck spoke with Rushlight, asking if anyone had yet received the story of the Hunter's Grandson, a wonderfully mystical story that only the shaman (and possibly her husband) and initiates of the Hunter knew. Alas, no one had come to Rushlight to tell her about receiving the story in a dream.

Stormlight told Rushlight that Lucius and Umbra were gods. Umbra was sick because her story was being changed. This shocked Rushlight to her core, but explained a great deal. She spoke privately with Umbra, who confirmed this, but did not want to say more, let alone have this shared with anyone else.

Eagle wanted the shaman to provide the Leyanti equivalent of marital counseling. His wife, Fireheart, had had sex with Rabbit. Now, the Leyanti are perfectly fine with extramarital affairs with both genders. Indeed, while Rushlight never learned this in game, I think her husband and one of her daughters had had sex with Anders. Certainly, her husband was fascinated with the idea of writing that Anders had brought with him.

The Leyanti did forbid incest and also sleeping with those too young to be initiated. However, not all Leyanti were initiated, and the uninitiate were not expected to remain celibate all their lives. Stormlight had never been initiated, but had married, and was the mother of two children.

But, during the period when a Leyanti has come of age, but not sought initiation, before it becomes clear that this isn't going to happen (if it isn't), sex between an initiate and one who is unititiated is in an odd grey area. It is not forbidden, but it is not something with which the Leyahti as a whole feel comfortable.

Rabbit was of an age to be initiated, and this was his first council circle, even though he had been old enough to attend for several moons. Rushlight recalled his behavior, and concluded that he had not been injured by having sex with Fireheart. To him, it was a fun thing to do. And, it was not forbidden.

But, neither was it encouraged, and it clearly made Eagle uncomfortable. It made Rushlight uncomfortable. She wasn't sure how Eagle's marriage would be affected by the whole thing. So, she said that, while no harm was done, it would be best for Fireheart to wait until Rabbit became initiated before doing it again. Rushlight was confident that Rabbit would pick a god, so this should not be a hardship.

Fireheart: I hear you.

Rushlight was well aware that this was not a promise, so she urged the woman to wait at least a moon or two, and see how things transpired.

Fireheart: I hear your words, shaman.

Well, you try telling a devotee of the Trickster what to do. Eagle was still happier, as the shaman had clearly spoken, and if he decided he needed to challenge Fireheart in council, it was no longer Eagle fighting with his wife. It was Eagle challenging a woman who refused to follow the course of action set for her by the shaman.

Rabbit wanted to speak with Rushlight about gods and initiation, but somehow, this got lost in the shuffle. Typical, isn't it? Still, it worked out well in the end.

The council reconvened, and things began to happen.
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