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Recent Reading

19. Our Sentence Is Up, by Patrick Meaney, about Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. Very good read, and gave me an understanding of why the stage musical version of Hairspray ends the way it does. Of course, I was occasionally very frustrated that Meaney missed a couple of obvious (to me, at least) connections between something he discussed in one part of the series and something else going on in another part, but so it goes.

20. Snows of an Early Winter, by Louis Agresta, a scenario for Call of Cthulhu. Overall good, but some screw ups that the editor should have caught.

21. Alarums & Excursions #415.

22. Wild Talents, by Dennis Detwiller, Greg Stolze, Kenneth Hite, and Shane Ivey. This is a superhero RPG using the One Roll Engine. I am not enamoured of ORE, but I love the detailed timeline.

23. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, by Katherine Howe. This was not the sort of book I was looking for, being, at root, a romance. That is, I don't really want to read a book whose message is that The Most Important Thing In The World is The Guy -- a woman's career, power, all of that is totally irrelevant except as it serves making sure The Guy is all right. It's a little odd to feel that way, as my priority would likely be the same -- but, somehow, it seems different when that's the subtext of a book, and quite probably not exactly what the author intended.

24. Kerberos Club, by Benjamin Baugh. This is an RPG using the One Roll Engine about superheroes in an altered Victorian age. I really like how the timeline develops as the world gets stranger and stranger. I would like to run something with this setting, but with a different system, perhaps FATE, as Convictions are crying out to be Aspects. But, I'd need to be able to plot for outright superheroes, while still keeping the strange Victorian feel.

25. Gunnerkrieg Court, Volume 2: Research, a graphic novel by Tom Siddell. Very sweet, and very good development from the first volume. It feels very much like a Girls' Adventure, leading me to wonder why -- that is, what are the markers for "girls' adventure" and what are the ones for "boys' adventure", and are there markers for adventures for groups of mixed gender?

26. Vogelin: Clockwork Faerie, a graphic novel by Jane Erwin and Jeff Berndt. Sweet in a different way. I've got the second volume to hand.

27. Strange Aeons 2, by a lot of folks, as it is a collection of nine scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, covering a variety of times and places. These are all good adventures, though I'm not sure any are going to be easy for beginning GMs. Chaosium really needed an editor giving this a once over for stupid little typos and the occasional sentence that starts one place and goes somewhere else. Pre-generated PCs are included with all adventures, and I want to run the Woodstock one quite badly.

28. Slash, a larp by Mike Young. I relived the pain of playing the game while reading this -- a pain that I voluntarily signed up for. Each character sheet is deliberately, lovingly crafted to be painful to read. I think one sheet is actually Safe For Work, but it still had me screaming in agony as I read that... unique prose.
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