drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Pruning Shelves

After some spring cleaning, prompted by a falling lamp, I'm pruning a lot of books.


The Blind Knight, by Gail Van Asten
Charlemagne's Champion, by Gail Van Asten
The Dard Sword's Lover, by Gail Van Asten
The Fairy of Ku-She, by M. Lucie Chin
Fang the Gnome, by Michael Greatrex Coney
King of the Scepter'd Isle, by Michael Greatrex Coney
The Dragon Lord, by David Drake
Divine Horsemen, by Mayan Deren
The History of Beacs, Concise Edition, by Lois Sherr Dubin
Spirit Gate, by Kate Elliott
A Dream of Fair Serpents, by Catherine Darby
Masters of Glass, by M. Coleman Easton
The Fisherman's Curse, by M. Coleman Easton
Jaran, by Kate Elliott
An Earthly Crown, by Kate Elliott
The Conquering Sword, by Kate Elliott
The Law of Becoming, by Kate Elliott
Faerie Tale, by Raymond Feist
Unshapely Things, by Mark Del Franco
Mississippi Blues, by Kathleen Ann Goonan
Winterlong, by Elizabeth Hand
Aestival Tide, by Elizabeth Hand
Icarus Descending, by Elizabeth Hand
Saffron and Brimstone, by Elizabeth Hand
Knights, by Julek Heller & Deirdre Headon
Evening's Empire, by David Herter
Floating Worlds, by Cecelia Holland
Nine Hundred Grandmothers, by R A Lafferty
Apocalypses, by R A Lafferty
A World Called Camelot, by Arthur H. Landis
Camelot in Orbit, by Arthur H. Landis
Home -- To Avalon, by Arthur H. Landis
The Magick of Camelot, by Arthur H. Landis
Triad, by Mary Leader
Meet the Austens, by Madeleine L'Engle
Sandkings, by George R. R. Martin
Dying of the Light, by George R. R. Martin
Nightflyers, by George R. R. Martin
Fairyland, by Paul J. McAuley
Casey Agonistes, by Richard McKenna
The Last Warrior Queen, by Mary Mackey
A Princess of Roumania, by Paul Park
The Tourmaline, by Paul Park
Advanced Beadwork, by Ruth F. Poris
Clarissa, by Samuel Richardson
Merlin's Bones, by Fred Saberhagen
Mistborn (battered), by Brandon Sanderson
The Blue Chair, by Joyce Thompson
Soldier of Sidon, by Gene Wolfe
Crossing the Boundaries: French Fantasy from Bragelonne (the anthology from Anticipation)
Linguistics, 4th ed, by Adrian Akmajian, Richard A. Demers, Ann K. Farmer, and Robert M. Harnish
Words Into Type, 3rd ed
Wace and Layamon: Arthurian Chronicles
Medieval English Literature, by Thomas Garbaty
Chaucer's Major Poetry


Complete Mage -- D&D 3.5
Players' Handbook -- D&D 3.5
Magic Item Compendium -- D&D 3.5
Everyday Heroes -- Deliria
Normal, Texas -- Introductory Guide, not the full game
Song of Ice and Fire -- uickstart Rules, not the full game
Dark Inheritance
Fantasy Hero -- early edition
Werewolf: The Forsaken
The Centauri Republic Factbook -- Babylon 5
Seven Cities -- d20
Fireborn, players; handbook -- RPG
Seven Civilizations -- d20
Seven Strongholds -- d20
Farscape RPG
True 20 preview edition -- RPG


Cowboy Be Bop 1-3
Dears 1-2
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