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Recent Eating

June was Herringfest! As I understand it, the first barrel of herring of the season in the Netherlands goes to the Queen of the Netherlands. The second comes to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central, NYC.

So, mneme and I met the friend who told us about this, and sampled both the herring fillet and the herring salad, and a couple of desserts. Then, ebartley joined us, and had the fillet.

The salad is odd and good. The fillet is wonderful. I went back the following week and had more of that, and I decided to try a parfait. The waitresses pointed to it in the case, as they wanted to make sure I knew that it wasn't what I'd expected -- it was a cake, not a cup of stuff.

I thought about ordering something else, but one of them said that they'd sampled it that morning, and it was very good. I started pondering alternatives, then realized that the person working in the Oyster Bar had just told me that she had sampled and recommended it, and decided to have some. It was marvelous.

And we now know where the cool whispering gallery is, where if you stand in one corner and speak in a normal voice, someone in the opposite corner, quite a ways a way, will hear you as clearly as if you were standing right behind him or her.

The other place we discovered is rather expensive, but mnemex decided he wanted us to try a new and well reported sushi place on my birthday. He took me to Sasabune, at 401 East 73rd Street, in NYC.

I liked the place as soon as I saw the sign that said: "No california roll. No spicy tuna. Trust me."

A second sign instructed us to turn off the sound on our cell phones. We did.

mnemex says that there was no menu. This isn't quite true. Menu: What the chefs have so that they know what ingredients they have and what the day's order of omakase is.

We got plate after plate of amazing fish. Turning off the cell phone is a requirement, because this was a symphony of taste. It ended with a huge log of warm bluefin crab. I could not finish mine. mnemex finished his, and the chefs were willing to feed him more, so long as he was willing to order. He had another piece and then stopped.

It did not spoil us for other sushi because no other sushi we have ever had is in the same class.
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