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mneme and I continue with our Netflix queue. We have seen:

Avatar: The Last Airbender, the animated series. All of it. Well, mnemex saw all of it. I tuned in and out, but I enjoyed most of what I saw.

Godspell. This was actually on a DVD I own. I liked it overall, although I am sorry that "We Beseech Thee" was left out, and sorry, but not surprised, that the opening song, "Towers of Babel" was left out. It's an amazing piece, but an obvious one to cut. The sequence of the woman caught in adultery was also cut, which does interesting things to the flow.

Man of La Mancha. I expected to hate this. I'm not a fan of Don Quixote, or at least, not a fan of such of it as I read in translation years ago. I read the script of the musical and listened to the album years ago. But, this was surprisingly delightful. Part of it is that the music is very good, and part is that the acting was also very good.

But, part, I think, it because of the layers and one of the messages. The film took full advantage of being a film, and so we saw, at various times, the world Sancho Panza sees, the world Don Quixote sees, and the world Cervantes lives in. That last is what makes things click, because the tale Cervantes is telling is a defense of poetry, which, like Sydney's Defense of Poesy -- or John Myers Myers' Silverlock -- is a defense of fiction. And, as in Silverlock, we see what the characters in the outer level gain from the tale they hear.
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