drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Medical Updates

My mother's in the hospital for the fourth time this year, recovering from pneumonia and a UT infection. If the next set of chest X-rays come back clean, the hospital will discharge her back to the nursing home tomorrow.

I'm on a couple of antibiotics for something probably far less complex than the instructions for taking said antibiotics. These instructions include avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight, which is something I try to do anyway, especially in the summer; drinking a lot of water, ditto; and not having dairy products within an hour or two of one of the antibiotics.

That last is the tricky one, as it means I need to time Preventative Yogurt Consumption carefully. Empirical testing has shown that I'm a lot happier with PYC when I do antibiotics, and that plain yogurt + honey is really tasty.
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