drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Fun and Not So Fun

We are currently at GenCon in Indianapolis, where I am having fun and networking.

Saturday night, this city is ours. We like it, and it seems to like us.

Tomorrow, I will see if I can do more gaming and networking. There are folks I want to congratulate. And then, we have a plane to catch.

Tomorrow night, my brother and I will be having a conversation about our mother's latest hospitalization, the fifth this year. The fourth was less than two weeks ago.

The folks in the Ghosts of Albion game were wonderfully understanding about my constant ducking out of the room to talk to brother and doctor to formulate a quick short term plan, and were also wonderfully good with the one short sentence summary of what I needed to know when I came back in.

Monday, I visit my mother in the hospital and talk to hospital staff. This is not going to be fun.
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