drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Clearing Out My Shelves

I have a bunch of books and RPG products I am trying to prune.


Werewolf: The Forsaken and the following supplements:
Lodges: The Faithful
Blood of the Wolf
The Rage: Forsaken Players' Guide

Hunter: The Vigil and the following supplements:
Witch Finders
Spirit Slayers
Quickstart rules (2 copies)

Quickstart Rules for Geist: The Sin Eaters

Old World of Darkness Products:
Mummy: The Resurrection (aka 3rd edition Mummy)
Gurahl for Werewolf: The Apocalypse

d20 Products:
Seven Strongholds
Seven Civilizations
Seven Cities
Three Days to Kill
Secret Societies
Dark Inheritance (1st edition)

Centauri Republic Fact Book for Babylon 5

True 20 Preview Edition

Aliens & Artifacts for Space Master

Fireborn RPG
Ways and Means: Democracy City Sourcebook for Underground
Everyday Heroes for Deliria
Fantasy Hero (1985 edition -- I think that's 1st edition)
Haven: Secrets of the Labyrinth
A Song of Ice & Fire Quickstart Rules
Normal, Texas Quickplay Introduction / Demo


Long Price Quartet, by Daniel Abraham:
A Shadow in Summer (pb)
A Betrayal in Winter (hc)
An Autumn War (pb)
The Price of Spring (hc)

Jaran series by Kate Elliott (all pb):
An Earthly Crown
The Unconquered Sword
The Law of Becoming

By Gil Alderman (all pb):
The Archivist
The Memory Palace
Lilith's Castle

By Elizabeth Bear (both tpb):
Blood & Iron
Whiskey & Water

Spirit Gate, by Kate Elliott (pb)
Sun of Suns, by Karl Schroeder (pb)
Brooklyn Knight, by C. J. Henderson (tpb)
Alchemy of Stone, by Ekaterina Sedia (tpb)
Evolution, by Stephen Baxter (pb)
Ingo, by Helen Dunmore (YA, largish pb)
A Year and a Day, by Sara Harvey (one of those new oversized pbs)
Library Wars, volume 1 (manga)
Words into Type (hc)
Divine Horsemen, by Maya Deren (tpb)
Blindsight, by Peter Watts (tpb)
Julian Comstock, by Robert Charles Wilson (hc)
Mainspring, by Jay Lake (hc)
Mississippi Blues, by Kathleen Ann Goonan (tpb)
Hero of Ages, by Brandon Sanderson (hc)
Warbreaker, by Brakdon Sanderson (hc)

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