drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Recent Viewing

Ratatouille, as we missed it in the theaters. I like the female lead. And, I liked the movie in general more than I'd expected.

The Man in the White Suit, which had long been recommended to me as good social satire / sf. It's fun, but the major assumptions are, of course, absurd.

Secretary, which included a commentary over the silenced film. There's at least three ways to take this film, and... most of them are disturbing.

Harry Potter VII, Part One, which we were worried would be Harry Potter and the Blair Wizard Project. While I have some issues with it, it was decent to good. The extra touch of surrealism was that our theater was showing it with Spanish subtitles. While this was a bit distracting at first, I soon found it useful for some of the subtle bits, like background radio dialogue. I liked the glimpses of what was going around where the Heroic Trio aren't (and am trying find out if one particular line of dialogue was spoken by Neville. I do hope so, but it went by too quickly to be sure).
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