drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

GAfilk and Conflikt musings

Recollections from GAfilk:

-- Wonderful concerts from all the guests
-- Surprise lobby concert from Dave Clement
-- Bonus concert from Dave Clement
-- First performance of "Magical Life"
-- Seeing just how much the ARC of Late Eclipses went for
-- Seeing ladymondegreen's reaction to how much the ARC of Late Eclipses went for
-- Chocolate!
-- Waffle House (of course)
-- The other place we ate at, with salmon croquets even I had to concede were delicious
-- Human chaining on Monday to get back from Waffle House
-- Hearing that the Guest of Honor had managed to get on a plane that actually took off
-- Discovering that we'd managed, by dint of previous lameness and coincidence, to book a flight that actually took off a mere hour late. Everyone gave heartfelt applause when it landed safely in NYC.

Recollections from Conflikt:

-- Eating at Vino Volo in JFK, as mneme enjoys finding surprising food places in airports
-- Getting sleep without getting major aches
-- Being part of the "Hope Eyrie" track on the brunch CD, with everyone standing for the recording, and sound crew saying it was the best ever recording of the group sing track
-- Friday's pass-the-filking-frog bardic
-- Saturday's fairly laid back (so it seemed to me) circle
-- Sunday's smoked salmon filk which generated moderators at need
-- Great concerts
-- Walk in the Day!
-- Band scrambling with Frank Hayes and Tim Martin
-- Hearing the song dubbed "Seannan's Going to Kill Us"
-- Finding the lyrics sheet for the above, and realizing that this was indeed the actual name of the song
-- The well deserved standing ovation for Dave, who hadn't realized he wasn't expected to supply dinner on Sunday in the con suite
-- Denny's! Okay, it isn't gourmet, but it's 24 hours and edible
-- 13 Coins. 24 hours, not cheap -- but quite good. Calamari steak!
-- Anthony's at the airport, also not cheap and quite good.
-- Being able to turn our canceled red eye to Newark, subsequently rescheduled as a Friday red eye (!) into a Washington DC red eye, with transfer to Newark, thanks to the nice guy at Continental who took "anywhere on the east coast" seriously
-- Actually getting to Newark a mere three hours later than scheduled
-- The folks gate checking bags who were willing to let us try to make our bags fit
-- The bags actually fitting

The less fortunate Conflikt highlights:

-- RIP Janet Elaine Allyn, 1944 - 2011
-- The convention brunch. The $12 hotel brunch had toast, pancakes, french toast, bagels, oatmeal, and lots of fruit. Not so the $35 brunch, which had only one kind of eggs -- scrambled and mixed with peppers and cheese. Mitigating this, it turns out that the chef is willing to be more accommodating than concom had been led to believe, so I'm hoping next year will have Just Plain scrambled eggs. (Me, I just don't like cheese in my eggs. There was at least one person allergic to peppers at the brunch.)
-- The tension between moderators and moderated at the smoked salmon. On the whole, this was well handled by both sides, but there were several awkward cases of someone pushing in with "It's only 30 seconds!" Now, in, I think, all cases of this, the song really was only 30 seconds, but the problem, for those moderating, is that when you say to someone, "There is a queue, but we are putting you on the end, so you will indeed get your turn to sing", it is now a matter of honor to keep your word. Someone pushing in breaks your given word to someone else who has not pushed in.

The odd:

The Room We Couldn't Go Into, which became the song contest theme.
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