drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Recent Viewing

Saturday, we saw an amateur performance of The Pajama Game, followed by a midnight show of Thor in shiny 3-D. Both were a lot of fun, and both had strong female characters.

In Pajama Game, the female lead fights for her union. She doesn't stop doing this just because she's started dating, and the one who must change is the man. Granted, the musical makes it easy for him, but he still has to get it through his head that when she says that she loves the union and will keep fighting for it, she doesn't mean she'll abandon it if he says pretty please.

In Thor, the female lead is a scientist first. That never stops being important to her. And she doesn't suddenly transform into a glamgirl (well, any more than she already was, given the casting and the magically perfect hair under all circumstances). Her semi-annoying support woman is still quite competent. And, the two women we see in Asgard both know which end of the spear goes into the bad guy and do not hesitate to demonstrate this in action. Sure, it's Thor's movie, when it isn't Loki's movie, but he knows she wants her notes back, not a bunch of flowers.

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