drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

At Origins

We flew in last night, with less bumpy weather than anticipated, and managed to go to sleep early enough to get some.

Today, I woke at six so I could get badge, event tickets, and breakfast. The generic tokens this year are solid poker chips with Catan designs (sheep, grain, and so on), which I totally missed. My first event was "The Trap is Set", a Scarlet Pimpernal adventure using the 7th Sea system. As I did not have to gm it, I had a blast. Initiative countdown systems with multiple actions drive me batty if I have to gm them. We were all in the right frame of mind for witty one liners, excellent fashion sense, and proper derring do.

I took my stuffie ice house piece, Herman, to visit the Looney Lab and got food from North Market. La Krema can't do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this year, to consternation of store staff and convention goers alike. Nevertheless, there was a sufficiency of chocolate to make me happy.
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