drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Home from Origins

mneme did a last minute clever thing as we left the convention center yesterday. I had gotten caught up in collecting a full set of generics -- sheep, stone, wheat, brick, and the elusive wood. But, now we had them all.

"Okay," said mnemex. "Now you've collected them. Let's turn them in for the refund."

And, I realized that that was just fine with me. We'd played the game of Collect Them All.

The flight home was crowded and quick. We pondered the schedule of the Q48, and then decided, as we saw it approach, that it ran Often Enough for our purposes. The driver welcomed us home and dropped us in Flushing, where we went to Spicy and Tasty. Between the convention center and North Market, I had access to many fine cuisines, but good, blow the top off my head spicy Chinese was not one of them. Thai, oh my yes. Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese? Absolutely. But not this.

My allergies subsided, and I moved myself off the heavy duty pills and back to my usual pills.

I need to figure out where to put my new purchases. I have radically changed my buying habits at gaming conventions over the last couple of years. Part of this is due to budget concerns, but part is also that I'm not looking for as much of the older stuff, and a large part is the shelf space issue.

At last year's GenCon, rather than start with an up and down every aisle, buying only what I didn't think would be there later, I did research, studied the map of the Exhibit Hall, and said, "Right, I need to hit these five spots. After that, I'll have blown my budget for the convention and bought just about everything I need." And, I was pretty spot on. Oh, I eventually did go up and down all the aisles. I like looking at things and talking to people I see nowhere else but here. But, as far as shopping went, I was about 90% right.

At this year's Origins, there were three booths I wanted to make sure to visit, and I figured I'd spend money at two of them, as Cubicle 7 hadn't come out with anything I hadn't already picked up at the Strategist. So, I shopped at Adventure Retail, where I get my fix of Chaosium's monographs, sold pretty much exclusively there and through Chaosium's website. And, I shopped at the Indie Press Revolution booth, with a focused shopping list.

The only other place I shopped was at Paradigm's booth. I am blissfully ignorant about Arcanis, but I like the Witch Hunter books. I also want to support a company that has put up dozens of scenarios for free download, no strings attached, and is putting up more all the time. I can take or leave the system, and I don't know if I'll use the world as is, but there is so much I can take from the background. Witch Hunter plus Colonial Gothic plus Call of Cthulhu is going to simmer into something in my brain one of these days, oh yes.

Again, I did eventually go up and down all the aisles. And I do like the steampunk accessories and clothing and jewelry. But, at a gaming convention, I just don't budget for that.
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